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Page two of the five page vidcap section. Alphabetical from F-J.

Morgan Fairchild from "The Seduction"

Farrah Fawcett from "Extremities"

Sally Field from "Smokey and the Bandit" (DVD Captures)

Jane Fonda from "Barbarella" (DVD Captures)

Jane Fonda from "Jane Fonda's Yoga Class"

Daisy Fuentes from "E! Sexy Swimsuits 2000"

Sarah Michelle Gellar from "Maybelline" commercial

Gina Gershon from "Showgirls" (DVD)

Kerri Green from "Lucas"

Jennifer Grey from "Dirty Dancing"

Melanie Griffith from "Milk Money"

Goldie Hawn from "Protocol" (DVD captures)

Mariel Hemingway from "Star 80"

Linda Hamilton from "Terminator 2" (DVD)

Patricia Heaton from "Everybody Loves Raymond">

Season Hubley from "Hardcore"

Kate Hudson from "Almost Famous" (DVD)

Joyce Hyser from "Just One of the Guys"

Victoria Jackson from "Casual Sex" (DVD captures)

Jerri from "Survivor"

Olivia Newton-John from "The Wilde Girls"

Kristen Johnston frm "The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas" (DVD)

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